Friday, 12 August 2016

Do gender swap films mask the lack of original ideas and what can we expect in future?

Last week I wrote about the Ghostbusters reboot which failed at the box office. Since then director Paul Feig has said that he won't reboot another classic and as Sony's loss on 'Ghostbusters' became clear, the prospect of a sequel looks less likely.

What fills me with dread is that there are more gender swap films coming out. The failure to cash in on reviving a winning franchise by the simple ruse of switching male and female parts, instead of making a good film, hasn't deterred others from trying. I have no problems with female leads, just the pointless swaps. Why bother making a new dish when you can cover yesterday's leftovers with BBQ sauce and present it as something new and cool.

Disney is planning a "Splash" remake, swapping Channing Tatum as a Mer-Man with Daryl Hannah's original Mer-Maid. I was a teenager when Splash came out and fell in love with Daryl Hannah in the blue dress. I hope they don't make Channing Tatum wear it and ruin a good memory for me.

Another film I'm dreading is the gender swapping remake of one of my favourite comedies, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Steve Martin and Michael Caine were so perfect, it's hard to see how anyone could do better. As Rebel Wilson has been cast as one of the stars, I'm sure she won't.

The studio executives are too frightened to invest in new and innovative stories and play it safe by re-hashing old films. One could tell them to "grow a pair" but that would be sexist! So in the current climate of re-boots, re-makes and shameless cash-ins we'll end up LESS looking forward to new films and MORE looking back fondly to the old films.

There is, however, one glimmer of hope for a planned film that could work; an all female remake of Ocean's eleven. There are many talented cast members who would make a good film, if given a good script with original ideas.

So what other films can we expect in the future? Here are a few of my suggestions, in no particular order:

1. Tootsie
A man had to pretend to be a woman to get a job. Why has no-one thought of a swap here?

2. Tarzan
"Me Tarzan, you James"

3. Bay Watch
This wouldn't even need a new script. A simple swap of outfits would do; Dwayne Johnson in a bikini and Pamela Anderson in a pair of shorts.

4. Bond
"The name is Bond, Rihanna Bond."

5. Frocky
An unknown female boxer gets a shot at the world title, while at the same time running a fashion business.

Let me know your suggestions in the comments.


  1. You've contradicted yourself by saying "There are many talented cast members who would make a good film, if given a good script with original ideas"

  2. It's not sexist if you write grow a pair because it could refer to ovaries or testicles hehe

  3. We absolutely HAVE to start tackling sexism everywhere if we're to get round it. Ghostbusters failed at the box office exactly because of sexism! The fact that guys have been brought up never having been challenged to empathise with a protagonist of the opposite sex who doesnt fall into the category of co-star to a make lead or victim in a horror. Therefore male viewers often refuse outrightly to even give a film with a female lead a chance (unless it's star wars but that wasnt made a big deal of, more of a surprise and successful off of the back of it's legacy". Any film with a female protagonist (unless a horror) is called a chick flick ffs. We dont call the reverse a dick flick!